AT&T Eco-Rating 2.0

The AT&T Eco-Rating 2.0 system gives you environmental and social details about how the devices we sell are made. You can make informed product purchases based on your values.

Products are rated from 1 to 5 stars for 20 different environmental and social criteria across 5 different categories. Look for the Eco-Rating 2.0 icon when you shop for your next device.


Device materials

Substances of concern
First, we collect data on the materials used to make your device. We base our ratings on how the manufacturer has reduced substances of environmental concern. We want to see limits on:

• Antimony trioxide and beryllium compounds
• Extractable nickel
• PVC, phthalates, and chlorinated and brominated fire retardants

Build it smarter

Environmentally preferable materials
Next, we look at how the manufacturer has built your device. We’re checking for environmentally preferred materials and processes—the friendlier, the better.
These include:

• Life-cycle analysis
• Recycled plastic in the device housing
• Device contains recycled metals

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and charging
This one’s simple: Is the device energy-efficient? We verify that the device charger meets California Energy Commission (CEC) standards.

Device recycling

End of life and recycling
Our eco-rating system takes your device from start to finish with an end-of-life check. It’s all about recycling:

• The battery is easy to remove.
• The device is easy to disassemble by recycler.
• The device contains recyclable materials equal to or greater than 65% of its mass.

Making a difference

Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
We even review the way a manufacturer does business. We focus on environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. Manufacturers should have or produce:

• A Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability report.
• A conflict minerals disclosure.
• A standalone human rights policy or statement.
• Policies, management systems, and public performance reports. This applies to labor, safety, and the environment at assembly and supply centers.

The higher the rating, the more stars you’ll see with the device, from 1 to 5 stars.

The key to scoring with Eco-Rating 2.0. A score of 8 to 9 shows 1 star. A score of 10 to 12 shows 2 stars. A score of 13 to 15 shows 3 stars. A score of 16 to 18 shows 4 stars. A score of 19 to 20 earns 5 stars.

We’ve selected our top-rated eco-friendly smartphones
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Check the specs

As new eco-rated products are released, they are rated with the new Eco-Rating 2.0 system. Meanwhile, some of the products we offer are still rated by the First AT&T Eco-Rating system. The AT&T Eco-Rating 1.0 system considers five environmental attributes across 15 performance criteria.

For phones, tablets, and other devices:

  • Device packaging meets AT&T environmentally preferable criteria.
  • Use of hazardous materials during manufacturing was restricted.
  • Battery is readily removable for ease of recycling.

For power supply and battery accessories:

  • Contain recycled metals
  • Restricted use of hazardous materials during manufacturing
  • Provide energy-efficient charging


For devices and battery accessories, Eco-Rating 1.0 uses a 15-point rating system.

Eco-Rating 1.0 scoring for devices and battery accessories. A score of 6 to 7 shows 1 star. A score of 8 to 9 shows 2 stars. A score of 10 to 11 shows 3 stars. A score of 12 to 13 shows 4 stars. A score of 14 to 15 earns 5 stars.

Eco-Rating 1.0 uses a 10-point rating system for power supply accessories.

Eco-Rating 1.0 scoring for power supply accessories. A score of 1 to 2 shows 1 star. A score of 3 to 4 shows 2 stars. A score of 5 to 6 shows 3 stars. A score of 7 to 8 shows 4 stars. A score of 9 to 10 earns 5 stars.